DiscipleU Sunday


Taught by Pastor Joel

Sundays at 10:00am in the Fellowship Hall and 11:30am in the Library

Paul penned this letter to demonstrate the proper distinction between Law and Gospel. A convoluted view of the Gospel was causing divisions in the church and Paul reminds them that they are justified freely by God's grace and not through obedience to the Law. 

Join us as we explore these themes within this brief, but important book.

The same study is offered at both 10:00am and 11:30am to accommodate whichever service you attend. Bring your Bible!

DiscipleU Wednesday

Foundations: The Basics of the Christian Faith

Wednesdays at 7:15 a.m. in the Prayer Chapel

Taught by Pastor Seth

Jesus says we are to build our lives on a solid foundation—Jesus’ words as found in the Bible, God’s Word.  God’s Word reveals God’s character, promises, and will—how we are to grow in our faith and live in a relationship with our Heavenly Father.


One way of building a solid foundation in our lives is to understand and live out, the core truths of the Christian faith.  These core truths are often referred to as “Doctrine,” “Systematic Theology,” and/or “Apologetics.”  While these titles can be daunting, and even brushed aside as the “stuff” only pastors deal with, this is not so.  Biblical and doctrinal truths are the foundation upon which we build our lives so that we are able to live lives of freedom, hope, and contentment.     


This study will explore ten, core doctrines of the Christian faith that will build a solid foundation in our lives as we understand and live out these truths of the Christian faith:


  •          "The Bible: ‘God’s Word’ or a ‘Good Book?’”
  •          “The Trinity: One God or Three?”
  •          “The Trinity” Part 2
  •          “The Trinity” Part 3
  •          “Salvation:  Saved not Just From Hell but For Life!”
  •          "Sanctification:  Growing Up in Christ "
  •          "Good and Evil"
  •          "Heaven and Hell"
  •          "The Church:  The Word Proclaimed and the Sacraments Administered"
  •          "The Second Coming of Jesus"


Every week, the Wednesday morning Bible study begins with Worship, as we sing some of the classic songs of faith.  We then pray together, lifting up to our Heavenly Father our needs and the needs of others.  Finally, we dig into God’s Word as it is addressed to us through Law and Gospel.  This study is open to men and women of all ages, and, if you don’t know much about the Bible—this is a perfect place for you!  Bring your Bible (if you don’t have one, we’ll get one for you)!