DiscipleU Sunday

"Overview of The Bible"

Sundays at 10:00am in the Fellowship Hall and 11:30am in the Library


We continue our study of the story of Scripture. When we open the pages of the Bible, we discover there is One God, One Book and One Story.  By presenting Scripture as a cohesive narrative of God's work in the world from Genesis to Revelation, this course provides an overview of both the Old and New Testaments depicting God's unfolding plan of salvation in Jesus Christ.

The same study is offered at both 10:00am and 11:30am to accommodate whichever service you attend. Bring your Bible!

DiscipleU Wednesday

"The Ancient Creeds of the Church"

Wednesdays at 7:15 a.m. in the Prayer Chapel

Taught by Pastor Seth


Join us Wednesday mornings as we study the ancient Apostles' and Nicene Creeds still used today in the Church. Historically, one of the ways the Church has determined what are orthodox beliefs and conversely, unorthodox or heretical beliefs, were through the Creeds of Christendom. The ancient Creeds of the Church articulate the essentials of right belief and practice. Issue to be discussed include:


  •          "The issues and threats of Orthodoxy vs. Heterodoxy”
  •          “The historic nature of the Creeds; Why we have them"
  •          “The need for right thinking in the Church"
  •          “The content of the Creeds; What do we mean when we confess the Creeds?"
  •          “Do the ancient Creeds still have a place in Christianity today?"      

Every week, the Wednesday morning Bible study begins with Worship, as we sing some of the classic songs of faith.  We then pray together, lifting up to our Heavenly Father our needs and the needs of others.  Finally, we dig into God’s Word as it is addressed to us through Law and Gospel.  This study is open to men and women of all ages, and, if you don’t know much about the Bible—this is a perfect place for you!  Bring your Bible (if you don’t have one, we’ll get one for you)!