DiscipleU Sunday

The Book of Revelation

10:00 am in the CLC Fellowship Hall

11:30 am in the Church and School Library

The challenging Book of Revelation presents not merely the stormy future of suffering that will afflict the earth but also a message of hope—a haven for the beleaguered soul. In Revelation, we see that Christ is enthroned on high, mediating on our behalf and planning for our salvation. He will return in glory to deliver the Church from evil. On the island of Patmos, He gave these stormy visions to John for our comfort. (The Lutheran Study Bible, p.2195. Concordia Publishing House.)

DiscipleU Midweek

Here We Stand: Five Foundations of our Faith

Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

CLC Fellowship Hall

The Confessions of the Lutheran Church were born out of a desire to base all Church doctrine on the foundation of Scripture. Using these Confessions, we will explore five pillars of our Lutheran identity on Wednesday nights beginning April 18th. The class topics will be: Justification, Law and Gospel, Means of Grace – Sacraments, Theology of the Cross, and Vocation. Whether you are new to Lutheran theology or a seasoned veteran, you are encouraged to join us for this interesting and informative class taught by Pastor Joel. Childcare is provided.

Small Groups

How do we make disciples of Jesus across all age groups?

How do we nurture ongoing relationships with one another?

How do we plug people into service opportunities?

How do we give someone a sense of belonging?

How do we care for one another?

Small Groups are the answer! The purpose of the Small Group Ministry of Red Hill Lutheran Church is to connect people in groups to help them grow in their relationship with God and one another. Our desire is that everyone who is an active member of the church will be part of a group. There are four types of groups, each serving a different purpose of making disciples. For more information on any of these groups, click the links below or contact Angie Calderon.

  • Connect Groups

    Connect Groups gather for the purpose of connecting people together for fellowship and relationship building.

  • growth groups

    Growth Groups meet for the purpose of learning and growing through studying the Bible together. 

  • service groups

    Service Groups exist for the purpose of serving in the church or community.

  • leadership groups

    Leadership Groups exist for the purpose of leading ministries in the church, and are often comprised of leaders of other groups.