Summer Retreat

July 10TH-13TH


Summer Retreat in Lake Havasu is an experience designed to challenge, encourage, and engage students who are entering grades 9-12 in the fall. Students will spend time at the lake playing epic competitions, going on adventures, worshipping, growing closer to friends, and growing in their faith. Space is Limited so sign up today!

What We’re Teaching In Student Ministry During Lent

The Being Challenge shows that you can strive to be more like Jesus, no matter what your age. This creative 40-day challenge takes aim at the five keystone habits that Jesus practiced in His life:

Form Friendships/Commit to Community

Study Scripture

Pause To Pray

Stop For Solitude

Choose Church

Students will not just learn how Jesus practiced these five keystone habits in His life. Every day, they will be challenged to bring these habits into their own lives. By spending more time with Jesus, they'll learn to be more like Jesus.