K.I.D.S. Ministry

(Grades Kindergarten-Five)


Preschool - 5th Grade



Sundays at 9:15am-10:00am: Preschool – 5th Grade (Zoom & In-Person)

Tuesdays at 4:15pm: Preschool (Zoom Only)

Thursdays at 4:00pm: Kindergarten – 5th Grade (Zoom Only)


Red Hill Lutheran Church offers a K.I.D.S. Ministry Program for all children in Preschool through 5th Grade. Following all social distance guidelines, we are currently offering kids opportunities to meet in-person as well as on-line, via Zoom.


Using a combination of large group and small group conversations and activities, we intentionally strive to create an engaging environment where children come to Know Jesus, Impact the world around them, become Disciples of Jesus and Serve others – K.I.D.S.! You are invited to join us at any time, regardless of your church affiliation.

TO ENROLL: 2020-2021_K.I.D.S._Enrollment_Form.pdf

For more information, contact Children's Ministry Coordinator, Beth Stoffregen

Email: beths@redhillchurch.org




There is a legacy waiting, for every kid everywhere. The legacy has been handed down like a valuable family heirloom and this month we will tell kids about what that legacy is. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, all believers everywhere are given everything they need to share the good news of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is for everyone and helps us so much. The Holy spirit helps us know God, love everyone, do God’s work, and makes us a part of God’s family.

MAY 02: Philip & The Ethiopian Eunuch

MAY 09: More People Believe In Jesus

MAY 16: A New Apostle Is Chosen

MAY 23: The Holy Spirit Appears At Pentecost

MAY 30: Life in the Spirit