“Growing Strong: Spiritual Practices for the Christian Life.” 

Lead by: Pastor Seth Britton

In the New Testament, the church’s work is described as “building up” believers in Christ as the fulfillment of Jesus’ “Great Commission” to make disciples (Matthew 28.19-20). A disciple is a “student, an “apprentice” of Jesus. At Red Hill, our definition of a disciple is… “A person, who day by day surrenders to the divine call through Jesus and through the Spirit, is learning to live his or her life as Jesus would live it, for the purpose of loving God and others.” In order to learn from Jesus how to live our lives as He would, and to deepen our spiritual maturity, particular spiritual disciplines, or practices, are necessary. Biblically and historically, there are five foundational practices that the Holy Spirit has used, and continues to use, to transform people individually and corporately to be like Jesus.

"Who does God think He is?"

Lead by: Jason Harney

In many and varied ways, the Bible tells of who God is. But when He does speak about Himself, what does He say? Using Exodus 34 as our base camp, we will explore God's self-descriptive proclamation and follow its echoes throughout the rest of scripture.