Middle School Youth Night

Wednesdays 6:00pm-7:30pm

Red Hill Lutheran Church offers a Middle School Youth Night for all students in 6th through 8th Grade, from 6:00pm-7:30pm.  Using a combination of large group and small group conversations and activities, we intentionally strive to create an engaging environment where students reach and serve our local community, equip their hearts, minds, and souls, and release them into the world to share God’s love. 

Upcoming Events

  • What we are Teaching this Month



    Have you ever heard someone say something that seemed unreasonable? Maybe they told a story or made a statement that was hard for you to believe. It’s not always easy to ask questions or express doubt when other people seem so certain, and that’s especially true when it comes to faith. If you ask hard questions about God or are honest about the things you’re not sure about, what will people think? Will they judge you? Will they laugh at you? But in this four-week series from the Gospels, we’ll see it really is possible to have questions and doubts while still having faith. Through Scripture, we’ll discover that when we have doubts and questions, we don’t need to ignore them or sweep them under the rug. Instead, we can look to Jesus, look to the Holy Spirit, look to God’s words, and look for God in unexpected places.

  • Confirmation Class

    Red Hill Lutheran Church Youth and Family Ministry  is offering a opportunity for 7th and 8th grade students to join our two-year Confirmation program that will provide them with a structured space to dive into God's word and promises with Pastor Seth and Phil Gaylor. We will go through Luther’s Small Catechism as it guides us through God’s Word and Sacraments and get a great overview of the Old and New Testaments.  For more information, please contact Phil Gaylor.

  • Serve In Middle School

    Serving is one of the best ways to get connected and to make the church community feel more like a family. Commitment varies depending on your gifts and schedule. Click above, fill out the form and we will follow up with you to explore where you can serve!

  • family resource library

    Our Youth and Family Ministry (YFM) Team is devoted to the whole family throughout all the phases. We take a personal approach to ministry spanning a family's ages and stages. Each area partners dedicated staff, invested and trained small group leaders, and loving, supportive parents to leverage relationships for the sake of deep faith in the lives of our children and students. Our community purposefully seeks to walk with families as they raise godly and incredible kids. Our specific ministry areas share timely encouragement and program information.

    We have a wonderful Family Resource Library with books from newborn to college age on topics including "what to expect" at each age, as well as a variety of other topics. These resources are available on the patio every week.

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Contact Director of Student Ministry, Phil Gaylor, at pgaylor@redhillchurch.org

for more information about Middle School Ministry.

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