High School Youth Nights

Tuesday nights from 7:00pm-8:30pm is a place for everyone grades 9-12! Join us on campus for a time of interactive games, funny skits, and relevant biblical teaching. We will be meeting in Peter's Parish.

  • Our spiritual theme, “The Turning Point,” will guide us through moments in scripture and moments in our own lives where a decision stops us: to choose obedience and trust God’s faithfulness or to trust ourselves and what we think is best. Gatherings, Cabin Discussions, and Solo Time will allow us to explore this content further and what we should do when we feel like we’re at a Turning Point. Our incredible guest speaker and worship leaders will lead students through sound Biblical teaching and engaging worship throughout the weekend.

    In addition to a weekend full of spiritual growth and discipleship opportunities, students will also have lots of free time to explore the camp and connect with their peers: playing games in the game room, sipping hot chocolate by the fire pits, and the chilly rush of the zip-line in the winter!

    There is so much in store for you to experience this winter at Forest Home!

    We can’t wait to see you up the mountain!

  • High School Afternoon at Boomers

    Come have fun with us at Boomers Sunday, November 20th from 1:30pm-5:30pm for 4-hour Unlimited attractions and fun. The cost is only $10 per person so sign up today.


    No Problem, A four week study on Loving Others.

    Apologies they’re hard to give, but they’re sometimes hard to receive, too. When you’re the one who has hurt someone else, saying you’re sorry (and actually meaning it) takes work and practice. But when you’re the one who’s been hurt by someone else, things get even more complicated. What if you don’t want to forgive them? What if they don’t seem sorry? What if they won’t even admit they’re wrong? What if they’ve moved on, but you’re still not over it? In this 4-week series from the Old and New Testament, we'll find out what it means to truly give (and receive) forgiveness. We’ll discover that when you need forgiveness, it’s not enough to just apologize. And when you’ve been hurt and need to forgive, we’ll explore the importance of shifting your perspective, remembering God forgave first, and remembering Jesus knows what it’s like to be hurt.

  • IMPORTANT: Medical Release Form required for registration for ALL 2022-2023 events. 

  • family resource library

    Our Youth and Family Ministry (YFM) Team is devoted to the whole family throughout all the phases. We take a personal approach to ministry spanning a family's ages and stages. Each area partners dedicated staff, invested and trained small group leaders, and loving, supportive parents to leverage relationships for the sake of deep faith in the lives of our children and students. Our community purposefully seeks to walk with families as they raise godly and incredible kids. Our specific ministry areas share timely encouragement and program information.

    We have a wonderful Family Resource Library with books from newborn to college age on topics including "what to expect" at each age, as well as a variety of other topics. These resources are available on the patio every week.

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Contact Director of Student Ministry, Phil Gaylor, at pgaylor@redhillchurch.org

for more information about High School Ministry.

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